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About Soothing Dental PLLC

Soothing Dental Staff

It is our main purpose to offer you a treatment plan that matches your oral health needs, that meets your desires and expectations and that is compatible with your finances.

In order to meet all these variables Dr. Cutter’s main objective is to get to know you as a patient and as a person. The entire Soothing Dental team performs under the same understanding. We see dentistry as an opportunity to offer a service that goes beyond “treating your teeth”.

Mission Statement

Our mission at Soothing Dental is to hold your hand and walk you through the treatment you need in a comfortable and friendly environment. Dentistry does not need to be complicated or scary. We can help you and your family to get and maintain happy, beautiful and healthy smiles! Carrying on the excellent dental care this practice has offered for over 40 years is our primary mission.

  • My Calling… Practicing dentistry is something I am truly passionate about. It is an opportunity to contribute to my patients’ health and quality of life. By treating my patients I…

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  • Sue Klott

    RDH Hygienist
    Sue Klott

    I hold a Bachelor of Science degree in Dental Hygiene from the University of Michigan. I have had the privilege to work in this dental practice for over 20 years.…

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  • Jane de Bear

    Office Manager
    Jane de Bear

    I studied Education at Northern Michigan University and worked for the Hilbert School District in Wisconsin. I always found myself interested in a beautiful smile, which motived me to take…

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  • Danielle Jankowski

    Dental Assistant
    Danielle Jankowski

    Volunteered for a Red Cross program in which I worked at a US Air Force dental clinic. I received 6 weeks of dental assistant training, then worked at the clinic…

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  • Kreig Cutter

    Co-Owner / IT
    Kreig Cutter

    I’m the co-owner of Soothing Dental with my wife, Dr. Alejandra Cutter. I am fortunate to work with a talented team to deliver the Soothing Dental mission of comfortable and…

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