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Oral Health: The Mouth-Body Connection

Nowadays it is known that our oral health directly impacts on our general health. There is scientific evidence to support that some health conditions like heart disease and diabetes have a direct correlation to your oral health.

Our mouths are one or the fastest routes of bacteria to the heart and other sites. Hence, the importance of predication before dental treatment for patients with certain heart conditions and prosthetic joints (knee, kips, etc).

If you want to know more about the impact of oral health in our general well being click to the link below.

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  • Alejandra Cutter D.D.S.

    Author: Alejandra Cutter D.D.S.

    My Calling… Practicing dentistry is something I am truly passionate about. It is an opportunity to contribute to my patients’ health and quality of life. By treating my patients I can improve and maintain their oral health, enhance their smiles’...

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